about JANE

Jane has creatively blended her unique experiences in the modern medical field and the world of traditional healing with her love of art and physical movement to construct a more artistic expression of her world aptly named Aspen Healing Arts. She is the creator of 'BeasieBeads' Remembrance Beads, BeasieBeads Ashes to Artwork and other fun jewelry designs incorporating her unique hand made glass.  

Jane is a board certified registered nurse and a massage therapist. She is a graduate of the Bryn Mawr Hospital School of Nursing and the Myotherapy College of Utah.  She is a certified Power Vinyasa and Hot-Style Yoga teacher, and a Reiki Master.  Shes is also an avid river rat.

Jane began her yoga practice in 1993 and continues to practice under many different styles including Baptiste, Hot yoga, Power Vinyasa and others. She has been teaching since 2003 and you can now find her teaching at the Yoga Pod in Boulder, CO.

Photo by Rich Adams
Photo by Rich Adams