When my dog Beasie crossed the Rainbow bridge, I wanted to find a unique way to keep her with me always.  I make glass beads (called Lampworking) and I experimented with placing a tiny bit of her ​ashes in each glass bead and the results were amazing.  

These remembrance beads that I created, called Beasie Beads, are available for you so you can keep your loved one near you always.
To make your Beasie Beads, I only need a very small amount (1/4 tsp.) of ash (cremains).  I individually prepare each bead with honor and love and all extra ashes are returned with your Beasie Beads when they are finished.  
Beasie Beads are $8/bead.

 Beasie Beads can be worn, carried or simply displayed 
in a place of honor in the form of jewelry, prayer malas, 
holiday ornaments, sun catchers, or anything that 
appeals to you.  The possibilities are endless!

​  For more information and pricing, please feel free to email me at: 

'Beasie Mala' made with Beasie's ashes in each bead
Glass + Ash = Beasie Beads 
​Have them with you, always.
Feng Shui Balancing Feather
Key Ring Mini Mala
(These have my father's ashes in them)
Jane at the torch making glass beads
Ornament Holders
Lacy's Ashes
Grandpa Bruce's ashes
Grandpa Maynard's ashes
Sable's ashes
Bracelet Mala
keychain ornament
Henry's ashes
Sylvia's ashes
Aunt Marian's ashes
Henry's ashes
Beasie's ashes
Sylvia's ashes
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Lizzie's ashes
MM's ashes